Several Berserk collectible figures are available for pre-order on Amazon

Berserk has stood the test of time, and if you’re looking to add more of that dark fantasy epic to your life, you can’t go wrong with some high-quality collectibles. While we’re still waiting for a full-sized version of Gut’s blade-wielding blade to go on sale—hopefully it won’t take a decade of strength training—the good news is that pre-orders for the detailed collectible figures are up. To get on Amazon many of these figures were released not too long after the 1997 Blu-ray release of the anime Berserk, which you can $60 pre-order on Amazon or $45 in Crunchy roll.

Crazy collections

Start with the most beautiful shape, Nendoroid version of Berserk hero Guts It shrinks the gigantic warrior into a bundle of swords and scowls. It comes with the Dragon Slayer Greatsword, Cannon Weapons and other optional parts. You can even replace the default page with two other options. This is a fresh rendition of this figure, just in case you missed the first one.

One of these is not like the others.


For larger and smaller things, there are SH Figurarts gut figure. This one is based on Guts surrendering to his inner demon and being covered in his dark armor, creating an even deadlier warrior in the process. As with other SH Figuarts collections, these combine impressive detail with an insane amount of articulation, so you can easily turn this figure into a cool pose. It also comes with a lot of extras, as you’ll get weapons, an optional head, an optional cape, an extra hand, and a cool cape for this collectible.

On the more premium side of the Berserk collector market are the ThreeZero figures. These are more expensive, but look incredibly authentic in person. Amazon has both Gut And Griffiths pre-orders available, and each sixth scale figure is packed with extras. The shape of the intestine Armed to the teeth with throwing knives, daggers and other signature weapons, the model’s subtle details include cloth clothing, faux leather accessories and interchangeable head sculpts. Another thing that’s really cool is that the arms are made of silicone, giving it a seamless look by hiding the articulated joints.

Griffith’s form is more regal in its design, and features the antagonist in reborn Band of the Hawk armor. Griffiths’ hair is made of PVC, so it looks accurate in terms of raw materials, the articulation areas are covered in cloth, and he comes with several extra parts. Another good thing about ThreeZero figures is that they come with a one-year warranty, so if the figure is damaged in an accident, you should be covered by the manufacturer.

If you prefer something more stable, Amazon also has a Guts statue from Pop Up Parade. This one is beautifully detailed, has Guts in his Berserker armor, and even has built-in LEDs for an extra spooky touch. Finally, you can always pick up the Berserk manga as it is available in standard paperback or deluxe hardcover editions. Treat yourself – or a friend – to these premium prints of classic manga.

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