Palworld, Hogwarts Legacy, and more game news of the week

Clockwise from bottom left: Tom Hiddleston Loki (Photo: Marvel Studios), Aramis Knight and Iman Valani Ms. Marvel (Photo: Disney+), Tatiana Maslany in She-Hulk: Attorney (Photo: Disney+), Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in WandaVision (Photo: Disney+/Marvel Studios), Samuel L. Jackson in Secret invasion (Photo: Gareth Gatrell/Marvel), Oscar Isaac in Knight of the Moon (Photo: Marvel Studios), Alaqua Cox in echo (Photo: Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios)
Graphics: Jimmy Haas

Update 12/1: MCU It shows no signs Getting smaller, isn’t it? And now that echo That’s it, it’s time to see where it ranks in our ranking, from worst to best, of the 26 biggest Marvel shows that have come out since 2013. Get ready for ambition. Netflix Fares, solid star vehicles, heady journeys the legion, And – wait, Hellstrom, We’ve got you covered—those not-so-hot titles, too. Dig in and let the war without superpowers begin. – Sam Bersenti Read more

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