Enshrouded – How to make a spell

shrouded It allows you to battle it out against evil enemies by blasting them with magic from afar. However, before you can consider yourself a full-fledged wizard, there are a few prerequisites to consider. Here’s our guide on how to spell in Enshrouded.

How to make spells in Enshrouded

After acquiring a wand or wand weapon, as well as the cost of the spell, you can cast spells. This sounds fairly simple, but since there are a few ways to do this, we’ve covered each one below.

How to make a wand or wand

Magic sticks and wands can be looted or crafted. These weapons are usually found inside treasure chests, so keep an eye out for these things while exploring. Likewise, you can craft them through the Alchemist NPC once you rescue him. You can visit us Alchemist location guide If you need help with this goal

You will sometimes find bars inside treasure chests.

How to get spell fees

Like magic weapons, spell charges can appear as loot inside chests and containers. Additionally, you can craft these through the alchemist. Here are some examples of early games:

  • Fireball I – Requires 10x Resin, 1x Tar, and 2x Bonemeal.
  • Ice Bolt – Requires 2x the water and 5x the liquid shroud.
Alchemist NPC has craftable spell charges.
Alchemist NPC has craftable spell charges.

How to use magic spells

Once you have a magical weapon and a spell charge, it’s time to cast spells in Enshrouded. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Assign the magic weapon (ie staff or wand) to an action hotkey and make sure your character is holding the item.
  • Place spell costs in your backpack inventory. If you lack space, you can Upgrade your backpack inventory sizeBoth.
  • With the joystick/stick selected, press and hold the right mouse button, the “Q” key (keyboard), or the left trigger/LT (gamepad).
  • Your character takes a target gesture and you should be able to choose from the different types of spell charges you have in your inventory.
  • Press the left mouse button or the right trigger/RT button to cast the selected spell. Note that “channeling” spells (eg healing channel) require you to hold the button for a short time.
  • Spells also drain your mana — this is indicated by the blue bar below the green HP bar. The good thing is that mana regenerates over time and there are also potions that are regenerative boosts.
Casting spells in the game is similar to archery.  The difference is that magical powers are your ammunition.Casting spells in the game is similar to archery.  The difference is that magical powers are your ammunition.
Casting spells in the game is similar to archery. The difference is that magical powers are your ammunition.

Keep in mind that spells cost per cast, so if you want to use special elemental projectiles or healing buffs, you’ll need to collect more of them. In addition, Alchemist has additional side quests for you that will eventually open up more crafting options.

Enshrouded is an open world survival game where you explore cursed lands shrouded in deadly mists. For more tips, you can check us out Help hub.

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