COD makes up for the buggy season 1 reboot with double XP rewards

If you are a Call of Duty: Warzone or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III user, you are entitled to compensation. Activision is giving you a “thank you” care package after launching Reloaded Season 1 update bug. This includes the extension of the Double XP event, which runs now until January 24th, as well as 1-hour 2XP tokens for Player, Battle Pass, and Weapon within 48 hours of logging in.

Double XP won’t exactly make up for your missed matches, but at least it’ll make it a little easier to get back up to speed. If you waited until the weekend to get into the season, you’re in luck, because the last few days have been tough.

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Sometimes, players would get locked in place when trying to catch their load drop. Other notable problems included crashes, visual glitches with random graphical obstacles, and getting stuck in a “data fetch” loop (not a spiral). Developer Raven Software shared a behind-the-scenes update shortly after launch, explaining how some of these issues arose.

in general Trello board Shared by developer Raven Software about Warzone, some of these issues have already been addressed. In addition to the loading and fetching bugs, Killstreak notification banners should now appear correctly. And if you get an error message that your data is corrupt when opening the game, you can safely ignore it.

Unfortunately, this is not the end. Globally, the developer is working on an issue where Bantam is no longer available to equip. In regards to Battle Royale, you may encounter the following issues: Perk Packs not equipping correctly, distorted geography in Urzikstan, and inconsistency with equipping Armor Plates, to name a few. Keep in mind that Dead Silence and some Ascenders are temporarily disabled throughout Urzikstan.

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